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  • The Legacy Amelia Earhart Behind

    amelia earhart (2)

    Amelia Mary Earhart was an American aviation pioneer and author. She is most famously known as the first women to fly solo across the Atlantic. She made great strides for women during her time and left an amazing legacy in her wake. In honor of her birthday, we ask you to journey with us to the early 1900's in this fun mini biography about the accounts of her life.

    Where It All Began:

    Amelia E...

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  • 10 Tips You Can Steal From Teachers

    10 Tips You Can Steal From Teachers


    10 Tips You Can Steal From Teacherssource:

    If you have been to our pinterest board lately you may recognize our obsession with organization tips for teachers and the amazing organization tips that are out there might make you borderline jealous. Grab some labels, boxes and some cute paper to make your own. Teacher Michelle Hudgeons has an amazing blog called Smitten With First where ...

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  • Teacher Outfits We Love

    5 teacher outfits we (1)

    Hello there!

    Dai here with the Ellison blog team and I'm so excited to share a little outfit inspiration with you today! It's difficult to walk the line between dressing professional and wearing clothes you don't mind possibly getting dirty. I've put together a list of 5 different outfits that are perfect for both looking like a teacher and a professional.

    Young Teacher Outfit

    teacher outfit 1 - young teacher


    A great teacher outfit always starts with comfort and there is something inherently comfortable about this denim shirt paired with these olive green pants. Add on a big bucket purse (for all your teacher goodies), caramel colored booties and the pièce de résistance: a chunky crocheted infinity scarf.

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  • 5 Lesson Plans That May Turn Your Class Into A Zoo - Grades Pre-K to 12

    5 Lesson Plans That May Turn Your Class Into A Zoo

    It's National Zookeepers Week and we have 5 lesson plans that are so much fun you might find your class turning into a zoo by the end of the week!

    Noah's Ark Display

    noah's ark

    Grade Level: 1-2, 3-5

    Curriculum: Fine Arts & Crafts

    Let your students enjoy playing out the story of Noah and the Arc with these standing animal characters and the arc. Your students can create short stories or plays with the animals, even pretend to be in a zoo. Take a look at the lesson plan here for more details and idea.

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  • Beat The Heat With These 5 Paper Bag Lesson Plans

    Beat The Heat with these 5 paper bag activities (1)

    Now that Summer has finally come, so has that famous Summer heat! Our teachers planning calendar is full of lesson plans and activities you can do inside in order to beat that heat. We have pulled the following 5 paper bag lesson plans in order to help you encourage your students to have fun, play and use their imagination - even when it's way too hot to play outside.

    Boy and Girl Paper Bag Pu...
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  • 5 Insect Lesson Plans That Are The Bees Knees

    5 Lesson Plans that are the bees knees

    On our Teacher Lesson Planning Calendar you will find some really fun lesson plans. This week, we're really excited about insects. Take a look at our top 5 insect lesson plans to try this week.

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  • 6 Projects That Strengthen Reading Skills For Ages 2 To 6

    6 Projects That Strengthen Reading Skills, Pre K - K, Ages 2-6

    Have you ever noticed a child trying to crawl?  It's very obvious they are trying and as they practice more and more they eventually do crawl. Children exhibit the same behavior with reading. Often children ages 2-6 will show an interest in wanting to read and that will usually show up as an interest in books. They understand the concept of sounding out words and putting them together is what it...

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  • Introducing New Ellison Colored Cutting Pads

    Introducing New Ellison Colored Cutting Pads

    It all started with an obsession...

    Here at Ellison, we have a huge obsession with our cutting pads. There is nothing like that new cutting pad smell. At our corporate offices we love opening up a new package of cutting pads- pristine and unused- ready for die cutting.

    The Problem

    What we don't like is when cutting pads are accidentally thrown out because they blend in with papers.

    When working ...

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  • 5 Lesson Plans Full Of Summer Fun

    5 Lesson Plans full of summer fun

    The July teacher lesson planning calendar is chock full of fun lessons to enjoy all throughout Summer but we have chosen 5 of our favorites. Get ready to show your students they can have fun and learn this summer!

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  • 4 Lesson Plans For The Fourth

    4 Lesson Plans For The Fourth

    At Ellison we have a special place in our hearts for Independence Day. The family fun, the reminder of how our nation came to be independent and the fireworks are just a few of the reasons we love the 4th of July. Today, in honor of this wonderful holiday, we want to showcase 4 projects that have red, white and blue written all over.

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