Ellison SureCut Die - Block Optional Symbol Dollar Sign - 4 Inch

Item # 16243-4IN

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Each SureCut Die features a curriculum-based design to create many ideas for the classroom, including memorable visuals and essential hands-on activities. With just one die, any teacher can support lesson plans, help increase subject retention and meet important standards. It’s no wonder learning has never been this fun!

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Category: Shape-Cutting Dies

Curriculums: English Language Arts, Math

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Each SureCut Die* exceeds the Ellison unmatched expectation of quality, including:

In addition, four sizes of die blocks are used for all sizes of shapes, letters and numbers with noted differences between die designs and block sizes. See the Ellison Die Size Guide for more information.

Experiencing cutting problems?
As a general rule, steel-rule cannot be sharpened. Instead, it’s likely your Cutting Pad needs replacing. Learn how to recognize and change worn cutting pads by reviewing instructions for your specific machine found here.

Add this Dollar Sign to your existing Block Alphabet or Number Set. Remember, when selecting Capital Letters, Lowercase Letters, Number Dies and Punctuation, choose the same size , as they are proportional.