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Community Heroes Poster


Students work together to decorate community helpers and learn about careers.
Can use either AllStar or SureCut Dies.

Career exploration at the early elementary level allows students to develop skills in critical thinking, goal setting and planning. As students work in small groups, they engage in dialogue about how diverse people come together to serve a community and the special clothing required for their jobs. Students reflect on their group performance to appreciate the benefits and challenges of working together as a classroom community. Younger students can choose their favorite community helper or select from a given list. Second language learners can learn the English words for careers through this project. At the end of the lesson, the teacher may ask groups to present their projects and explain why certain colors, materials or symbols were chosen.

Grade Level: Pre-K-K, 1-2, 3-5

Using a Boy or Girl Figure and art supplies, students create a wreath of community helpers to illustrate how people come together to play important roles in society.