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Notebooks, Reports and Journals


Create interesting notebooks, reports or journals according to theme.

Traditionally, notebooks, journals and reports have been stapled along the spine or assembled with ribbon and yarn (See Main Photos). These versatile die-cut books present a fun, fresh look to report writing. They can support writing exercises in all major subject areas and current events. The students may be prompted to share thoughts on any genre, reflect on mathematical processes, explore social circumstances or pursue scientific investigations. Encourage students to explore library resources and develop research-based writing. Second language learners can relate to given themes to develop writing skills. Through these books, the teacher can develop a unique classroom library featuring students as authors.

Collect notebooks or journals periodically for positive comments and feedbacks. Allow students to exchange with partners to help develop ideas and share insight. Challenge students to keep daily journals or logs to document progress in any subject area across curriculum.

Grade Level: Pre-K-K, 1-2, 3-5

Conduct research, take notes and present findings in creative journals or reports for any subject area across curriculum.