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Build A Better World Bulletin Board

Lesson #12094

Construct a bulletin board to help students imagine ways to create shelters for everyone.

Get students excited about building a better world with an eye-catching bulletin board. Use a decorated arm to hold various construction tools. Check out other construction tool dies such as Shovel & Spade (#A11012), Pick Axe, Rocks & Nuggets (#A11010), Tool Belt 3-D (#30804-DC) and Construction Set (#16758-LG) for additional building and architectural ideas!

This bulletin board can generate discussions and ideas regarding buildings and homes for people needing shelter worldwide. Discuss Habitat for Humanity® and other volunteer organizations that build homes for those in need.

16766-LG-Ellison SureCut Die Set - Tools (5 Die Set) - Large 20616-4IN-Ellison SureCut Die Set - Notepad Alphabet, Capital Letters - 4 Inch 22615-LG-Ellison SureCut Die - Globe #2 - Large 30811-XL-Ellison SureCut Die - Bulletin Board, Reaching Arms - XL
Adhesive, Construction paper, Correction pen or tape, Crayons, markers, paint, pens or pencils, Hole punch (circle), Ruler, Scissors, Stapler, Tape
Adhesive, Construction paper, Correction pen or tape, Crayons, markers, paint, pens or pencils, Hole punch (circle), Ruler, Scissors, Stapler, Tape

The teacher will die-cut the materials for student use prior to the lesson.

  1. Die-cut the Notepad Alphabet, Capital Letters for the bulletin board title using light brown construction paper.
  2. Die-cut the beginning letter of each word in the title using darker brown construction paper. Trim a 1" strip from the front of the darker brown paper.
  3. Add details with brown pen to the darker brown strip to resemble wood grain, and adhere to the light brown letters (Main Photo).
  4. Replace the capital O in the title with a die-cut Globe #2 shape, and add details by placing green paper in the continent shapes (Main Photo).
  5. Attach the decorated letters to the center of the bulletin board.
  6. For various designs on the Bulletin Board, Reaching Arms, students can cut 1/2" strips of various colors of paper and adhere to their paper or use markers or crayons to make 1/2" stripes; use correcion pen or tape for stripes; use circle hole punches on one arm and attach a contrasting colored arm underneath; or use a ruler to mark sections on one arm, cut into sections and place alternating sections on a contrasting color of paper (Main Photo).
  7. Students can also create their own designs on a 9" x 12" sheet of construction paper. After the designs are finished, die-cut a Bulletin Board, Reaching Arms shape from each student’s sheet. 
  8. Attach the decorated arms around the bulletin board.
  9. Die-cut the Tools using various colors of construction paper. Students can decorate the Tools with markers.
  10. Attach the decorated Tools to the hands on the bulletin board (Main Photo).

National Arts-Visual Arts
NA-VA.K-4.3 Choosing and Evaluating a Range of Subject Matter, Symbols and Ideas
Achievement Standard:

  • Students select and use subject matter, symbols and ideas to communicate meaning.

NA-VA.K-4.6 Making Connections Between Visual Arts and Other Disciplines
Achievement Standard:

  • Students identify connections between the visual arts and other disciplines in the curriculum.


Science and Technology and Engineering Education
3.4 Technology and Engineering Education
3.4.C Technology and Engineering Design
Pennsylvania’s public schools shall teach, challenge and support every student to realize his or her maximum potential and to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to:
1 Design Attributes

  • Understand that there is no perfect design.


  • Recognize that requirements for a design include such factors as the desired elements and features of a product or system or the limits that are placed on the design.

2 Engineering Design

  • Describe the engineering design process: Define a problem. Generate ideas. Select a solution and test it. Make the item. Evaluate the item. Communicate the solution with others. Present the results.


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