Eggs in a Basket

Lesson #12157

Make fun skill sets with eggs in a basket.

Grade Level:
1-2, 3-5

Create a basket to hold various skill sets comprised of eggs that students help decorate.

Students can practice and reinforce language and math skills while assembling decorated eggs. The eggs can be kept in a basket for lessons and manipulatives.

30896-XL-Ellison SureCut Die - Basket, Carrot - XL A11178-Sizzix Bigz Die - Egg, Decorated
Adhesive, Cardstock, construction paper or patterned paper, Crayons or markers, Scissors, Pen, Watermark pen
Adhesive, Cardstock, construction paper or patterned paper, Crayons or markers, Scissors, Pen, Watermark pen

The teacher will die-cut the materials for student use prior to the lesson.

  1. Die-cut the Egg, Decorated shapes and decorations from assorted colors of cardstock, construction paper or patterned paper.
  2. Adhere the decorations to the eggs or use crayons or markers to decorate the eggs (Main Photo).
  3. Write math problems on the top half of an egg and the solution on the bottom half of the egg. Cut the egg in half in a large jagged pattern for a math skill set.
  4. Write antonyms or synonyms on the top and bottom halves of the eggs, and cut them in half for a language skill set.
  5. Die-cut two baskets, one orange and one green, using cardstock or construction paper. Leave the green basket whole.
  6. Trim away the tops of the carrots and all the tabs on the orange basket. Also trim along the perforations on the bottom of the orange basket. Attach the orange carrots to the green basket (Figure A).
  7. Use crayons, markers or a watermark pen to add shading to the carrots.
  8. Fold the basket on all the perforations and the tabs. Place adhesive on each tab. Adhere the tabs to the sides of the basket.
  9. Place adhesive on both ends of the handle, and attach the handle to the inside of the basket.
  10. Add decorated eggs to the basket and add egg-citement to math and language reinforcement and practice.

  • Figure A

Fine Arts-Visual Arts
NA-VA.K-4.2 Using Knowledge of Structures and Functions
Achievement Standard:

  • Students use visual structures and functions of art to communicate ideas

NA-VA.K-4.6 Making Connections Between Visual Arts and Other Disciplines
Achievement Standard:

  • Students identify connections between the visual arts and other disciplines in the curriculum


Language Arts-English
NL-ENG.K-12.12 Applying Language Skills

  • Students use spoken and visual language to accomplish their own purposes (e.g., for learning, enjoyments, persuasion and the exchange of information).


Number and Operations in Base 10 Grade 3
Use place value understanding and properties of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic.

  • Fluently add and subtract within 1000 using strategies and algorithms based on place value, properties of operations and/or the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Source: /Content/3/NBT/A/2/

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