Diploma & Certificates of Excellence

Lesson #12182

Easily create commemorative diplomas and certificates of excellence for students.

Grade Level:
1-2, 3-5

Students will look forward to earning certificates of excellence as an award for a job well done. Students will also enjoy receiving a diploma as they continue to the next grade.

Complete the school year with a diploma for each student and create certificates of excellence for various subject areas to be awarded throughout the school year.

30897-DC-Ellison SureCut Die - Belly Band, Award - Double Cut
Adhesive, Construction paper, Marker or pen
Adhesive, Construction paper, Marker or pen

The teacher will die-cut the materials for student use prior to the lesson.

  1. Print diplomas and certificates and fill out the student and school information.
  2. Punch the 1 1/4" Circle. Punch the Large Seal and layer it on top of the 1 1/4" Circle before attaching it to the diplomas and/or certificates (Main Photos).
  3. Die-cut the Award Belly Band from gold and yellow construction paper.
  4. Trim the gold seal section and attach it to the yellow belly band.
  5. Layer the seal section with a 1" Circle and a Small Heart punched from contrasting colored paper.
  6. Curl the belly band into a loop, interlocking the ends with the slits on the award seal. Add the paper ribbon to the seal.
  7. Curl the diploma and/or certificates to slide them into the belly bands before distributing them to your students (Main Photos).

Fine Arts-Visual Arts
NA-VA.K-4.2 Using Knowledge of Structures and Functions
Achievement Standard:

  • Students use visual structures and functions of art to communicate ideas

Source: educationworld.com

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