Ellison SureCut Die Set - Paper Bag Puppets #1, Farm Animals (4 Die Set) - XL

Item #16734-XL
  • Paper Bag Animal Puppets
    Paper Bag Animal Puppets

    Students create and decorate original paper bag animal puppets.

    Lesson #1440
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This SureCut Die Set features curriculum-based designs to create many ideas for the classroom, including memorable visuals and essential hands-on activities. With just one die set, any teacher can support lesson plans, help increase subject retention and meet important standards, while making learning fun.

Each SureCut Die exceeds the Ellison expectation of unmatched quality with:

  • Enhanced durability to serve the entire school
  • Many creative applications
  • Easy, reliable and time-saving cuts
  • Industrial-strength construction

Experiencing cutting problems?

As a general rule, steel-rule cannot be sharpened. Instead, it's likely your Cutting Pad needs replacing. Learn how to recognize and change worn Cutting Pads by reviewing instructions for your specific machine found here.

Product Dimensions 9 3/4" x 11 3/4" x 1"
Includes 4 Dies
Construction Steel-Rule Die: Birch Wood, Steel-Rule Blade, Long Lasting Ejection Rubber
Product Weight 11.28 lb.
Warranty 3-year limited warranty. Click here for details.