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Ellison LetterEase Press-On Letters

Ellison LetterEase Press-On Letters take the work and worry out of adding text to greeting cards, game boards, flashcards and other classroom aids as well as scrapbook projects. Multiples of every letter make LetterEase perfect for a wide variety of applications. These letters are virtually acid free and permanent once they’re pressed in place.
Note: White has sold out.

Each sheet contains 3/8" Helvetica letters. Letter and Number Counts: 16-A, 6-B, 8-C, 16-D, 20-E, 8-F, 14-G, 10-H, 16-I, 12-J, 6-K, 20-L, 8-M, 14-N, 22-O, 10-P, 4-Q, 10-R, 22-S, 18-T, 24-U, 6-V, 6-W, 4-X, 6-Y, 2-Z, 9-"0", 11-"1", 9-"2", 9-"3", 9-"4", 9-"5", 6-"6", 9-"7", 9-"8", and 6-"9". Symbol Counts: 24-Period/Comma, 6-Question Mark, 6-Exclamation Point, 6-Ampersand, 6-Parentheses sets, 7-Cent Sign, and 7-Dollar Sign.