SS Standard Cutting Pad (Fits Prestige SpaceSaver)

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Getting the best cutting performance from your Prestige SpaceSaver Machine can be as simple as changing the SS Standard Cutting Pad. Even when routinely turned over for even wear on both sides, Cutting Pads need replacement generally after 4-6 months, or sooner if used extensively. Such a small investment can make a huge improvement in the cutting performance of your machine! Don't forget: it's not the dies getting dull, it's the Cutting Pad becoming worn.

Formerly called the Prestige SpaceSaver Extended Length Cutting Pad, this SS Standard Cutting Pad measures 5 3/8" x 15 3/8". Designed to fit the Prestige SpaceSaver, both sides can be used, allowing for thousands of cuts from one pad. The many significant advantages of the extended length of this PVC vinyl Cutting Pad are an increased work surface, the ability to shuttle multiple dies through the machine for quicker cutting and for easy registration of ClearCrop Dies.

Product Dimensions 5 3/8" x 15 3/8"
Includes 1 Cutting Pad

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