Advent Calendar Wreath

Lesson #2720

Assemble a three-dimensional Advent calendar for classroom activities and decoration.

Grade Level:
3-5, 6-8

Create an Advent Wreath calendar to plan key activities leading to Christmas. Students will brainstorm creative games and activities to be incorporated onto the Wreath. Consider ideas like sharing seasonal recipes, reading holiday stories or writing letters to Santa. Other activities include designing ornaments, learning classic songs or creating holiday word searches. Incorporate such ideas into the Advent Wreath calendar to celebrate Christmas. Mark accomplished activities with a miniature Candle in each pop-out window.

Create a three-dimensional Wreath to highlight activities for the 24 days leading to Christmas.

28014-XL-Ellison SureCut Die - Advent Wreath w/Candles (2 Die Design) - XL

Supplies Used: Construction Paper, Glue, Pen or Pencil, Plastic or Metal Ring, Red Buttons, Red Ribbon, Scissors

The teacher will die-cut the materials for student use prior to the lesson.

  1. Die-cut four XL Advent Wreaths, Front and Back, using green construction paper. Bend forward the pop-out windows in the Wreath, Front along the perforated lines. Hole punch the top center of each Wreath, Front and Back in the same spot.
  2. Cut twenty-four 1 1/2" white squares. Write short descriptions of 24 holiday activities on the squares. Adhere six squares behind Advent Wreath, Front (Figure A).
  3. Adhere the Wreath, Back to secure squares in place. Continue this process for remaining three Wreaths.
  4. Gently fold each Wreath along the perforated vertical line to allow flexibility.
  5. Adhere the right side of one completed Wreath to the left side of another completed Wreath to assemble the three-dimensional model. During assembly, be careful to line up the hole punches at the top of each Wreath to create one common opening (Figure B).
  6. Use number stickers to label each pop-out window around each Wreath for a total of 24 windows (Figure C).
  7. Embellish the Advent Wreath with red buttons. Insert a plastic or metal ring through the hole at the top of the Wreath and attach a red ribbon. Use this ring to suspend the Wreath from the classroom ceiling or wall (see Main Photo).
  8. Die-cut twenty-four Candles from colored construction paper and embellish with crayons or colored pencils. Attach a Candle to a pop-out window as each activity is completed.

  • Figure A

  • Figure B

  • Figure C

Fine Arts: Visual Arts

Standard 1: Understanding and Applying Media, Techniques and Processes

  • K-4 Students use different media, techniques and processes to communicate ideas, experiences and stories.
  • 5-8 Students intentionally take advantage of the qualities and characteristics of art media, techniques and processes to enhance communication of their experiences and ideas.

Standard 3: Choosing and Evaluating a Range of Subject Matter, Symbols and Ideas

  • K-4 Students select and use subject matter, symbols and ideas to communicate meaning.
  • 5-8 Students integrate visual, spatial and temporal concepts with content to communicate intended meaning in their artworks.

Source: National Standards for Arts Education

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