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Fraction Wheel and Fraction Fringe


Easily create hands-on manipulatives to teach and reinforce fractions.

The Fraction Wheel and Fraction Fringe are excellent math manipulatives that can be used to represent anything from equivalency to standard measurement. For extra practice, allow students to use the Fraction Fringe and Wheel during guided instruction and independent study. Use manipulatives to verbally explain fractions and show in written form. Advanced learners can find real world uses for the Fraction Fringe and Fraction Wheel.

The teacher can explore creative ways for using the Fraction Wheel and Fraction Fringe in any subject area.

Fraction Wheel Applications:

  1. EQUIVALENT FRACTIONS can be demonstrated using the Fraction Wheel. Students manipulate the wheel to show equivalency. Students also estimate fractions with the Wheel.
  2. PERCENTAGES AND GRAPHING can also be demonstrated using the Fraction Wheel. The teacher may ask students to show percentage of students wearing particular colors using the colored Wheels. These Wheels can then be used as pie graphs.
  3. NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY comes to life when students use the Fraction Wheels as medicine wheels to study Native American culture.

Fraction Fringe Applications:

  1. EQUIVALENT FRACTIONS can be demonstrated using the Fraction Fringe. Using the Fraction Fringe #1, students lift up a 1/4 Fringe and see that two of the 1/8 Fringes and four of the 1/16 Fringes are equivalent. Students lift up two of the 1/8 Fringes and see that those Fringes are equal to 1/4 and therefore will reduce. However, if students pick up three of the 1/8 Fringes, those Fringes are not equivalent to anything and will therefore NOT reduce. Students may also use Fraction Fringe #2 in a similar way.
  2. PERCENTAGES AND DECIMAL POINTS can also be added to the Fringes to show conversions.
  3. LIQUID MEASUREMENT can be shown by labeling the Whole Fringe as a Gallon, the 1/2 Fringes as Half Gallons, the 1/4 Fringes as Quarts, the 1/8 Fringes as Pints and the 1/16 Fringes as Cups.
  4. LINEAR MEASUREMENT can be shown too. The Whole LG Fringe is 4" long. On the LG die, the 1/2 Fringes are 2" long, 1/4 Fringes are 1" long, 1/8 Fringes are 1/2" long and the 1/6 Fringes are 1/4" long.
  5. GENEALOGY comes to life when the student lists his or her name on the Whole Fringe. Parents are listed on the halves, grandparents are listed on the quarters, etc.
Grade Level: 3-5

Students learn to associate and understand fractions and more with the Fraction Wheel and the Fraction Fringe.