'Read' for the Stars Report

Lesson #3049

Create a wall or ceiling display of Star-shaped book reports.
Can use either AllStar or SureCut Dies.

Grade Level:

Inspire reading by hanging a star for each book read by students and sharing highlights with the class.

14740-LG-Ellison SureCut Die - Star, Puffy - Large A10184-Sizzix Bigz Die - Star, Puffy

Note: This lesson can be created using either Ellison AllStar or SureCut Dies.

Supplies Used: Construction Paper, Nails, Paper Clips, Push Pins, String, Tacks, Wire, Yarn

The teacher will die-cut the materials for student use prior to the lesson.

  1. Stretch several pieces of string or wire across a wall or a ceiling area using push pins, tacks or nails (Figure A).
  2. If the wires go across the ceiling, cut pieces of yarn or string 6 - 7 feet long. Tie a paper clip at each end of the string and loop the string over one wire. Hold the ends so the paper clips are at different levels dangling down into the room and secure them in place with a knot at the wire (Figure B). If a wall is used and the students or teacher can reach the wires, paper clips can be slipped over the wires.
  3. Die-cut Puffy Stars from shades of yellow, gold and orange cardstock or construction paper. These should be kept in a basket by the teacher's desk.
  4. When students have completed a book, they receive a matching pair of Stars. Holding the two Stars together, lightly fold the top points toward the bottom to mark the center of the fold. Cut one of the Stars from the top point down to the center and cut the other Star from the bottom up to the center (Figure C). Slide the Stars together to form a 3-dimensional Star (see Main Photo).
  5. The Stars can now be laid out flat producing four sides to write on (Figure D).
  6. On one side of the star, students can write the title of the book, the author and the student's name. On the second side students can briefly tell the plot of the story. On the third side, students should list the student's favorite character or characters with a short description. On the last side, the student explains why they liked or did not like the book.
  7. Open the Star back up and secure it to wire by attaching one of the paper clips to the top point. Students will enjoy creating more and more Stars to fill the room (Figure E).

  • Figure A

  • Figure B

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  • Figure D

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