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Language Link Puzzle


Help students recognize words in languages other than English.

Three-part Puzzles are created with the English word on the "beginning" Puzzle piece, a picture on the "middle" Puzzle piece and the Spanish word on the "end" Puzzle piece. The Puzzle will work for any language conversion, or even for several if extra "middle" pieces are added to accommodate another language. Different colors can be used. For example, green Puzzle pieces can be used for English, yellow for the pictures and blue for the equivalent Spanish word. After some practice, the picture piece could be removed for just word recognition.

Students can play games with these puzzles, both individually or with others. Students pick a Puzzle Piece from a pile of pieces and then find the other two coordinating pieces. Each student receives 5 random Puzzle Pieces. They take turns laying one piece down at a time and drawing another Puzzle Piece from the pile. When all three pieces have been played, the student putting down the last piece takes credit for that combination and receives a point. The game continues until time runs out or until all the pieces have been played. The student with the most points wins.

Grade Level: 1-2, 3-5

Students practice English-Spanish word recognition through puzzle fun.