April Butterflies Calendar

Lesson #7153

Laminate a Calendar Sheet and die-cut Static Cling Vinyl shapes to use again and again.

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Create personalized calendars for your classroom. Calendars encourage greater participation in school activities, field trips, paper drives, spring musicals and help with recognizing days, week and months. Use Static Cling Vinyl to mark off dates and reuse for your next calendar. This fun alternative will keep students interested in current events. Recycle and reuse the Static Cling Butterflies for other activities!

Create and decorate your own classroom calendar to keep current events interesting and maintain student interest.

12388-DC-Ellison SureCut Die - Border, Grass - Double Cut 12492-TY-Ellison SureCut Die - Butterflies, Tiny - Tiny 13194-LG-Ellison SureCut Die - Eggs - Large 14468-SM-Ellison SureCut Die - Raindrops - Small 21272-SM-Ellison SureCut Die - Umbrella (Basic Beginnings) - Small

Note: The SM Grass Patch and Italic Alphabet, Capital Letters - 2 Inch have been retired. Consider substituting with the Grass Patch with any selection of decorative die-cuts. Consider substituting with the Alphabet with any 2 Inch Alphabet die-cuts or adhesive letters.

Supplies Used: Construction Paper, Adhesive Letters, Double-Sided Tape, Glue, Laminator, Paper Cutter, Scissors, Paper Cutter, Vinyl

The teacher will die-cut the materials for student use prior to the lesson.

  1. Die-cut the Numbers 1 through 30 from lavender cardstock or construction paper using any 2" Number Set or adhesive numbers. Adhere to an Ellison Calendar Sheet using glue or double-sided tape (Figure A).
  2. Using a paper cutter cut a piece of poster board 5" x 18 1/2" to align with Calendar Sheet. This will be the title strip.
  3. Fold a 5" x 19" strip of dark green paper in half. Position the folded edge of the strip just INSIDE the cutting blade at one end of the DC Grass Border Die (Figure B). Place the die, rubber side down, into the machine and cut (moving the die along and pulling the handle down three times). There will be a 19" continuous Border when removed.
  4. Die-cut the letters "APRIL" from lavender cardstock or construction paper using the 2" Italic Capital Letter Set.
  5. Lay and adhere the dark green Grass Border along the bottom edge of the title strip (do not adhere at this time). Center and adhere the letters spelling APRIL along the top edge of the Grass Border (Figure C).
  6. Die-cut a SM Umbrella and LG Eggs from lavender and patterned paper (you will only need to die-cut the smaller of the two eggs). Leave the lavender die-cuts whole and cut away parts of the patterned paper Umbrella and Egg and adhere the highlights to the whole shapes to embellish (Figure D).
  7. Die-cut the LG Eggs from light blue and patterned paper (again, only use the smaller of the two Eggs). Leave the light blue Egg whole and cut parts of the patterned paper away. Adhere to the light blue Egg to embellish.
  8. Adhere the Umbrella and Eggs to the title strip (see Main Photo).
  9. Die-cut the SM Raindrops from light blue paper. Adhere over the Umbrella.
  10. Title strip and Calendar Sheet can be matted on a light blue piece of paper and should then be laminated for durability.
  11. Die-cut 31 Tiny Butterflies using Static Cling Vinyl (the 31st Butterfly can be used on the April title strip).
  12. Students will add the Static Cling Butterflies each day in the Calendar date square (see Main Photo).

  • Figure A

  • Figure B

  • Figure C

  • Figure D

Fine Arts: Visual Arts

K-4 Standard 1: Understanding and Applying Media, Techniques and Processes

  • Students use different media, techniques and processes to communicate ideas, experiences and stories.

K-4 Standard 5: Reflecting Upon and Assessing the Characteristics and Merits of Their Work and the Work of Others

  • Students understand there are various purposes for creating works of visual art.

Source: National Standards for Arts Education

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