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Your Number's Up! Game


Create a board game and die to reinforce math curriculum.

Students use the board game to play math games. The number on the die is added to or subtracted from the number on which it lands. The teacher will reinforce basic addition or subtraction concepts either individually or in small groups. Students who have mastered addition and subtraction facts may use timers and play games with partners of similar skill levels. Consider modifying the game for multiplication and division review.

To create a language arts board game, label the reverse side of the board with letters instead of numbers. Once the die is rolled, it will land on a letter. The student will come up with a word that begins with the given letter. For advanced play, create a word with the number of letters that match the number on the die.

Adapt the game to any concept across curriculum for learning fun.

Grade Level: 1-2, 3-5
Curriculum: Math, Common Core

Using a board game and die, students recall and review basic addition and subtraction facts.