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3-D Volcano Types


Demonstrate curriculum concepts with a Volcano manipulative.

The interactive Volcano, 3-D w/Lava die-cut engages students as they create volcano types and eruptions. This lesson will enhance curriculum exploring the earth's structure and can be modified for any age group. Help students realize changes in the earth's surface and how volcanoes are formed through uplift and erosion. Consider laying the die-cut flat and drawing the internal structure to teach volcano parts. Use this learning tool to demonstrate student understanding and for assessment. Challenge students to create cinder cone, shield and composite volcano models based on real-world volcanoes, and attach them to a large world map. Challenge students to find which volcano types exist along the Ring of Fire. Help students realize that volcanoes cause limited erosion, through the effects of debris on land, water and the atmosphere.

Grade Level: 3-5
Curriculum: Science

Assemble 3-D Volcanoes with Lava,to accurately demonstrate understanding of volcano types and eruptions.