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Meiosis Manipulative


Complete a chart to show the various stages of meiosis.

Students will understand that meiosis is a process by which cells in living organisms reproduce. Genetic material within cells carry inherited traits, which are passed on to reproduced cells. Introduce steps of meiosis with interactive dies to help students visualize the process. During instruction, guide students as they assemble each stage of cell reproduction and demonstrate understanding. Compare meiosis with mitosis, a process of cell reproduction where genetic recombination does not occur. For independent practice, create flashcards with the step on one side and key concepts pertaining to that step on the opposite side. Assess learning with hands-on demonstration of concepts. Celebrate the unit with a complete cell reproduction chart outlining steps of meiosis. This unique die will help students retain complex concepts while making learning fun.

Challenge students to explore one unique physical feature or trait, and trace this characteristic through three generations of their family tree. Students can record in a science journal or create a poster to share with the class.

Grade Level: 3-5
Curriculum: Science

Assemble representations of chromosomes and cells to demonstrate each stage of meiosis and genetic recombination.