Milk Carton Boat

Lesson #9999

Create a star-spangled sailboat for Fourth of July or Father's Day fun.

Create unique, practical craft projects with recycled materials and decorative die-cuts. This project can follow a lesson on transportation or natural resources and water safety. Teachers can also use project to introduce fun summer activities and to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Decorate a milk or cookie carton and transform it into a sailboat using recycled materials and die-cuts for summer fun.

A10374-Sizzix Bigz Die - Dolphin #2 A10648-Sizzix Bigz Die - Stars, 4-Up

Supplies Used: Construction Paper, Chopsticks (3), Cookie or Milk Carton (approximately 3" x 7" x 2"), Duct Tape, Glue, Plastic Trash Bag, 2 Pieces of Plastic (2 1/2" x 1 3/4"), Rubber Band

The teacher will die-cut the materials for student use prior to the lesson.

  1. Recycle a cookie or milk carton. Attach one chopstick to either side of the carton. Cover the carton with red and blue tape, securing the chopsticks in place. Seal the opening of the carton shut (Figure A).
  2. Cut a 6 1/2" x 7" piece of plastic from a kitchen trash bag or any lightweight plastic. Cut diagonally to create two triangular sales (one rectangle for every two students).
  3. Attach a third chopstick along the length of the plastic triangle, with the honed part of the stick pointing downwards.
  4. Secure the stick in place with red tape. Next, tape the bottom edge of the sail and trim the corners.
  5. Die-cut the Dolphin #2 using blue construction paper. Attach a piece of black construction paper behind the eye and adhere to the sail (Figure B).
  6. Poke a hole in the carton and attach the mast to boat.
  7. Die-cut the Star, 4-Up from poly foam and adhere along the side of the boat using the Hold-the-Foam! Glue.
  8. Secure a rubber band to the two chopsticks extending behind the sailboat.
  9. Cut slits along the center of two plastic pieces and interlock to create the rotor (Figure C).
  10. Attach the rotor to the rubber band with tape to complete the sailboat (see Main Photo).

  • Figure A

  • Figure B

  • Figure C

Fine Arts: Visual Arts

Standard 1: Understanding and Applying Media, Techniques and Processes

  • K-4 - Students use different media, techniques and processes to communicate ideas, experiences and stories.
  • 5-8 - Students intentionally take advantage of the qualities and characteristics of art media, techniques and processes to enhance communication of their experiences and ideas.

Standard 3: Choosing and Evaluating a Range of Subject Matter, Symbols and Ideas

  • K-4 - Students select and use subject matter, symbols and ideas to communicate meaning.
  • 5-8 - Students integrate visual, spatial and temporal concepts with content to communicate intended meaning in their artworks.

Source: National Standards for Arts Education

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