10 Christmas Math Games To Add To Your Lesson Plan

Teaching students, especially kids just starting out in their education, is a rough business. Thats why we compiled a list of 10 different Christmas Math Games that you can add into your already hectic schedule, because what better to teach than to have fun? Aimed mostly at Kindergartners or 1st graders, these games will improve number sense with interactive and fun activities! The holidays can be the holidays, even with a little bit of math involved!

1. Christmas Tree Counting Activity by Mom Inspired Life

Have your students add sticky dots onto each Christmas Tree for a great counting activity. Easily turn this activity into a game by having kids match the corresponding clothespin to each tree! You can find a Christmas tree template here.

2. Christmas Tree Counting and Matching by Tot Schooling

A great activity for color recognition and counting practice, your students will love seeing the outcome of this colorful Christmas Tree!

3. Graphing with Gift Bows by And Next Comes L

Teach younger students the concepts of graphs with this interactive and visual activity that are perfect to do in December.

4. Christmas Tree Stem Challenge by Little Bins For Little Hands

A little messy for a lot of fun! Have your students balance green plastic cups to create a standing Christmas tree. Perfect for STEM!

5. Counting Gift Bows by Learning 4 Kids

Have your students try to put the right number of bows underneath each one! To increase difficulty, make the numbers out of order.

6. Hot Cocoa Addition by Happy Little Kindergartner

Mix chocolate, marshmallows, and math all together to create a great math activity for the classroom! You can find a Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow template here.

7. Number Tree Puzzle by Tot Schooling

Decorate this layered tree with "ornaments" by rolling a dice and having students cover the numbers with either poms-poms or other shapes! Increase the difficulty of this game by adding more than one number to each row.

8. Winter Fun Counting Numbers Puzzle by Kindergarten Smarts

Help your Kindergartners this Christmas by improving their number sense! Use these Snowman and other Christmas character puzzles for a fun way to learn numbers.

9. Holiday Math Art by What Do We Do All Day

This activity is a bit more complicated, but is still a great demonstration to how the concepts of math affect real-life structures! Find an easy to make 3-D triangles here.

10. Christmas Math Game with Jingle Bells by Fun A Day

Let the jingle bells rock with this Christmas game! Have students compete against each other in this easy game of dice. Whoever decorates their mini-tree first, wins the game.

Brighten up your lesson plans this season with some Christmas cheer! Let us know how these activities go by contacting us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest. We would be happy to hear from you. Good luck, educators!

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