10 Classrooms With Flexible Seating That Will Inspire You!

10 Classrooms With Flexible Seating That Will Inspire You!

Teachers are AMAZING...we know this is not a revolutionary sentiment, but hear us out. Teachers are jumping on this flexible seating bandwagon and we are not just here for it, we are here giving a standing ovation. You may ask why this is becoming such a prominent trend, and we think that Edutopia answers that best: "Flexible classrooms give students a choice in what kind of learning space works best for them, and help them to work collaboratively, communicate, and engage in critical thinking." Who wouldn't want that, right?

The thing is that flexible seating requires teachers to diversify the seating options in their classrooms and when teachers can't get or raise funding for this they are reaching into their own pockets and making it happen all to give students a better learning experience. And we think that is awe-inspiring!

If you're thinking of diving into the flexible seating world and don't know where to begin, we suggest you start by reading this awesome article on the Tame The Classroom blog.

Now...are you ready to get inspired by all things flexible seating? Take a look at these teachergrams we are currently crushing on!

1. Cushions!

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We love that these cushions are not just organized in a very easy to see way, but they're so colorful and look super comfy! We can tell that a lot of learning goes on in this classroom!

2. The Kind Of Classroom The Heart Eyes Emoji Was Made For

There's just so much space to learn here! From rug space to stools, we're loving how many options there are.

3. That Layout Tho

Where was this classroom when we were in Kindergarten? Look at all those great pieces of furniture and that spacious layout! The variety of all these seating spots would make us want to stay in class all day long!

4. So Much Variety

Talking about variety, take a look at this class! We think that the dining table is such a great idea! If your kiddos are going home and parents are helping them study on the dining room table, this is such a fantastic way to remind them of that and help them get in the zone.

5. Minimalism

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Compared to all the other classrooms on this list, this one seems like the most minimalist, and it just goes to prove that you don't have to have a classroom full of stuff to be effective. A few options are still really great, and look at all that learning space!

6. Quite The Collection

There's something satisfying about seeing all the seating together in one place! Also, how can we not love those adorable fruit themed seats?

7. Plenty Of Space

Talk about SPACE! This teacher has room to grow and room to re-arrange (#classroomgoals honestly.)

8. Ambiance + Flexible Seating = Cozy Learning Space!

These lights give off such an AWESOME ambiance (and what a great idea! ) According to this teacher, her goal was to create a warm, safe, calm and inviting space for her kiddos.

9. The Focus Is Strong With This One

Now that's a NOOK! We love classroom libraries and little reading nooks, and this teacher's classroom reveal has it ALL!

10. Don't Be Afraid To Play With The Layout

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Creating a circle with your classroom furniture is a really creative way to include flexible seating. This method is great, of course, for small group guided reading circles, but we have been seeing it in a new light when thinking about flexible seating. Don't be afraid to use your space and mess with the layout a little to get it just right!

What do you think about flexible seating? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to stop by our FacebookPinterest or Instagram pages to keep up with the Ellison team!

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