10 Easy Experiments You Can Do In The Classroom

Science is the closest form of magic that we have and it's easy to show your students the wonders of science subjects with these fun experiments! A little mess, a little science, but a lot of fun will always equate to a more engaged and inspired classroom. Teach your students that science can be exciting and interactive, while also having a good time yourself! These experiments are for children of all ages to enjoy and participate in under the proper supervision. Let's get started!

1. Bubbling Potion by Primrose Schools

This cool bubbling potion is a bit messy, but worth the pay off! Only using vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap, this is the kid and budget-friendly science experiment you were searching for.

2. Eggs in Space by Scholastic

Your students are going to be eggstastic about this experiment! The only things you need to provide is water, salt, and eggs!

3. Ghost Rockets by Growing a Jeweled Rose

Scare away ghosts with this outdoor ghost rocket activity! With just a little bit of corn starch, water, and alka seltzer, watch these little ghouls go flying.

4. Homemade Butter by Little Bins For Little Hands

An experiment that great for Thanksgiving, make homemade butter with your students! Just a jar, some milk, and a little bit of patience will show your class that cooking is a science too.

5. Dancing Frankenworms by Playdough to Plato

Make these gummy worms dance in water! This interactive experiment will show what happens when an acid and base react.

6. Tornado in a Jar by Playdough to Plato

Capture tornados right in your classroom with this fun experiment.

7. Walking Water by Coffee Cups and Crayons

An experiment that is sure to please, this Walking Water display will teach your students about capillary action and also can be a color mixing lesson!

8. Lava Lamp by Mom Inspired Life

A DIY Lava Lamp activity and experiment, this simple science will work for any grade level. Plus, it's super fun to look at.

9. Flower Experiment by Growing a Jeweled Rose

A great way to visualize photosynthesis and how plants absorb nutrients, this flower experiment is easy and visually stunning.

10. Cloud In A Jar by Playdough to Plato

Create your own clouds with this simple experiment, but complex science strategies! A great lesson to clearly explain to process of how clouds are formed and the particles in our atmosphere that allow such a phenomenon to happen.

Use these experiments to inspire your students to go into STEM/STEAM related fields, especially in honor of #STEMDay which encourages young girls to embark on their science journey. Let us know how these experiments go with any photos or videos by reaching out to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest! Have fun, scientists!

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