If there's one thing teachers need, it's resources. Running a classroom can get quite expensive with all of the materials you need to provide, but luckily educators are one of the most resourceful people of all! You don't need to pay big bucks to get creative with your students - all you need are some clothespins and imagination. Push aside the finger painting and play dough, because these next few crafts in this blog will make you realize that you can do big things with little expense.

  • Clothespin Photo Stand: Create these pretty photo stands using only clothespins and wooden blocks! A perfect craft to do for name tags or labeling tables, you can even turn this craft into a lesson by relating it to gravity and other science-related concepts. The wooden blocks can be replaced with other materials, such as clay or playdough - get creative with it! (via thefoldingchair)

  • Airplane Clothespins: Get flying with this cool craft! Turn regular clothespins into flying machines with just some clothespins and Popsicle sticks. Try this out in the classroom and see what kind of aircrafts your students make! (via nlcafe)

  • Clothespin Mini Fooz Ball: This craft may take more work than the others, but the pay off is high! This would be a great STEM activity for your students: incorporate this into your lesson plan for a more interactive and fun craft. (via u-createcrafts)

  • Birdie Clothespins:  A really adorable craft that will make great decor that you can pin around the classroom! Get your googly eyes, paint, and feathers ready, because these Birdie Clothespin are ready for their first flight! (via dzieciakiwdomu)

  • Clothespin Dragonfly: Pipe cleaner, clothespins, googly eyes, and a lot of creativity is what makes this craft a must-have in your inventory! These materials are readily available and good for the budget. Have students put them around the room for a personalized classroom decor. (via craftymorning)

  • Cupcake Liner Butterfly Clothespins: Make these beautiful butterflies with just cupcake liners and clothespins! A simple craft that requires very little materials, this activity is perfect for lesson plans related to spring or entomology. (via craftymorning)

  • Clothespin Backdrop: A great, cheap classroom decor idea that involves string and clothespins! Make these aesthetically pleasing banner that you can put on bulletin boards or even as a stand alone piece to bring a bright, ready-to-learn atmosphere to your class. (via chickabug)

  • Our Clothespin Critter Dies are a great and easy way to get crafting in the classroom! Completed Critters can be used to hold papers to clip on students' shirts to designate different teams or report groups and to highlight the classroom or a bulletin board. Additionally, these Critters can be used as teaching tools to enhance oral presentations and support science lessons about organisms.

  • Planter Clothespin Labels: It's the perfect time to explore more of the outdoors with your students now that the sun is shining outside and plants are ready to bloom! Keep easy track of any school gardens or projects with these easy and simple Planter Clothespin Labels. (via creativegreenliving)

  • Minion Clothespins: Super cute and fun activity for your students! Have them paint these adorable little Minions for some imaginative play or practice some motor skills with precise painting! (via gluesticksgumdrops)

  • Butterflies and Insects Clothespin Craft: Make butterflies, dragonflies, and other insects with clothespins! (via viewsfromtheville)


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