10 + Letterboard Ideas To Inspire And Make You LOL This Monday

It's that time of the week again...Monday. We've got our coffee, our favorite flair pen, and now we're ready to dive into a sea of motivation and humor that is sure to make any case of the Mondays go away. Grab your letterboard and join us below!

1. Us, Every Monday Afternoon.

Boy, do we wish we hadn't taken naps for granted when we were younger! That 2 o'clock "need more coffee now" feeling is SO real on Mondays.

2. Kind People Are Our Kinda People

You Is Kind, You Is Smart, You Is Important!


3. Coffee Is ALWAYS Inspirational.

Much like the "keep calm and carry on" quote, this coffee quote is never a bad idea.


4. Is This A Letterboard Or A Truth Board?

It IS that deep, fam. This hit us right in the "get out there and make magic happen" zone.


5. We Could Slow Clap This Quote ALL DAY LONG!

Also, is this basically the definition of teaching? Someone get us the dictionary on the phone, please.


6. This Isn't As Much Of A Choice As It Is A Statement. #SorryNotSorry

Excuse the mess, we're creating memories!


7. What We Sing In Our Heads Sometimes



8. You Know, We Never Noticed This Before...

Also, where is that mom now? Is she okay? Does she need some flair pens?

9. We Saw The Sign...

...and it opened up our eyes we saw the sign! *breaks into spontaneous dance*


10. This Letterboard Is Our Inner Monologue Everyday

We have important things to Pinterest (like this blog! )


11. In Case No One Told You Yet Today

like REALLY pretty.

We hope this short blog has given you a dose of laughter and encouragement for the week ahead! If you feel like you need a little more, we've got you totally covered. Drop by our Letterboard Pinterest board and pin ALL THE THINGS.

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