10 Teacher-Approved Halloween Costumes Ideas (And yes, some of them are last-minute)

Finding yourself stumped over what to wear for Halloween? Fret not, because we complied a handy dandy list of teacher-approved costumes that are perfect for a school setting. From individual solo pieces to complete teacher squad costume coordination, we have superheroes, book characters, and throwbacks all ready in this list. Ditch the stress of costumes by reading more below!

1. This amazing Ms. Frizzle Costume that's so accurate the 90's flashbacks hurt

"Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy."

2. Oh, more 90's Costumes you said? Say no more!

Clippy will always be a remembered icon for teachers, even if most of your students today will never recognize him.

3. Be Olivia the pig, the beloved book character!

There is no child that won't smile at the sight of Olivia the pig!

4. Gather your teacher buddies for a 3-1 Elmer's Costume Combination!

Warning: Telling your students to put away their school supplies this Halloween may illicit some laughter.

5. This Incredibles Group Costume is the ultimate #teachersquadgoals

Just look at that split!

6. You can be the Very Hungry Caterpillar as well!

You can read The Very Hungry Caterpillar in class and perform some live action scenes!

7. Or the Cat in the Hat!

The Cat in the Hat is a great costume for Halloween
Whether you're an adult, child, or pre-teen!

8. This pun-ny Pumpkin Pie Costume was meant for any math teachers out there

It's a pumpkin with a pie on it. Get it?

9. Fly away with this Mary Poppins Costume

Always a classic in or out of the classroom!

10. Dazzle as the Rainbow Fish

Equal parts education and sparkle.

Let us know how these Halloween Costumes go! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest for more inspiration or updates!

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