10 Valentine's Day Crafts For Your Classroom

Valentine's Day is coming up faster than you think! Instead of spending February 13th, frantically trying to put together goodies bag for your students, gear up for this lovely day with these 10 crafts! Easy, simple, and teacher-friendly, these crafts will have your students falling head over heels in love.

1. Valentine’s Day Pizza by survivingateacherssalary

I love you to pizzas! Combine this craft with some pizzas for the perfect Valentine's Day Pizza party that'll make your students' hearts flutter.

2. Valentine Candy Love Bugs Craft by myhomebasedlife

Butterfly Valentine's Day candies for your students will make you their favorite teacher for years to come!

3. Heart Marshmallow Toothpick Structures by buggyandbuddy

Want to incorporate some Valentine's Day fun into your lesson plans? Get some pink, heart-shaped marshmallows along with some toothpicks and let the engineering begin!

4. DIY Heart Stamp Art by fantasticfunandlearning

Forego finger painting with these easy DIY Heart Stamps that'll make crafting even easier on this lovely day.

5. Tissue Paper Heart Suncatcher by makobiscribe

Set the mood with these Tissue Paper Heart Suncatchers that'll cast beautiful lights in your classroom!

6. Fruit Loop Heart Bird Feeder by sweetandsimpleliving

Go with something more creative this year with your Valentine's Day treats by making these Cereal Birdfeeders. Have your students take a trip outside to test them out!

7. DIY Poppers For Valentine's Day by atthepicketfence

Here's some party poppers that you wouldn't mind having in your classroom! Fill these beautiful little guys with treats for the ultimate party fun!

8. Heart w/ Wings Jumping Jacks by Ellison

The things that you do to my heart! Help your students express their love with these hearts that do jumping jacks!

9. Heart Glasses by Ellison

They always say that being in love changes the way you see the world. Make your rose-tinted glasses a reality with these Heart Glasses that you can make in bulk for easy lesson planning!

10. Valentine's Day Photo Props by Ellison

Amp up your classroom with these Valentine's Day Photo Props! Transform your room into a photobooth and watch your students become Cupid's models for the day.

Playing Cupid has never been funner with these Valentine's Day classroom crafts! From cute grams to fun learning activities, what do you have planned with your students on this special day? Let us know in the comments or by contacting us on our social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest)!

Have fun, educators!

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