Expanding a student's vocabulary can have a positive impact on their academic performance. Vocabulary can also help build a student's confidence in reading, writing and speaking. However, students need to understand/remember what the words mean to support their communication skills and this can be a daunting task. But, we can help!

Keep reading to find some easy motivational activities to help expand your students vocabulary!

Word Walls

A word wall visually displays collections of words on a bulletin board. The wall is interactive and contains a wide range of words that can be used in writing, reading and speaking. How these words are organized is decided by the teacher but, some popular ways include alphabetically or thematic.

The Ellison® Surecut™ Die Set - Classic Alphabet Lowercase Letters (4 inch) are perfect for creating a word wall!

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Vocabulary Charades

Children of all ages love games! Learning vocabulary can be made into a charades game. Students are to be given a word list, this includes the word and its definition. Students take it in turns to pick a random card that lists one of the words from the word list. The student will act out the chosen word from their card while the rest of the class guess what the word is.

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Word of the Day

This activity can get a little noisy! Each day there is a new 'word of the day' this new word is then used repeatedly throughout the day by the teacher. When the students hear this word they must yell, this gives the students a chance to recognize the word and its meaning when it is used in context.

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