4 Great Reward Systems!

Motivating students to learn can sometimes prove difficult. Using a reward system can stimulate learning and motivate good behavior. Motivated students enjoy their learning experience as reward systems can encourage them to participate in both academic and social learning experiences. Reward systems can provide a positive classroom environment which is beneficial for all students.

Check out some great reward systems below!

1. Classroom Coupons

This is a super fun way to reward your students for positive behavior. Students enjoy getting these coupons and will work hard to get them. Simply create your coupons using any of the Circle, Rectangle, Square & Triangle dies, add your rewards and reward your students!

Here are some great ideas for rewards;

• Lunch with the teacher
• Homework pass
• Homework help
• Laugh pass
• Bring a stuffed animal to class
• Seat swap
• Sit at the teacher’s desk

reward systemsSources: Free-Dogs, Stories by Storie, Flapjack Education and Adventures of a Schoolmarm.

2. Secret Reward Puzzle

This reward system works by adding a piece of the puzzle as a reward for positive behavior, once the puzzle is complete it reveals the class prize! Students have to work cooperatively in order to complete the puzzle, along with good behavior this system also promotes team work. This class reward keeps students guessing and provides a motivational factor to complete the puzzle.

reward systemsSources: Instagram, Instagram, Classroom Nook and Instagram.

3. Compliment Jar

This classroom incentive idea is simple. Each time a student receives a compliment from another teacher a star is added to the jar. When the jar is full, the class can vote on a party idea. The party could be anything from extra recess time to watching a movie. The students will get excited to fill the jar and once it's full, it is super easy to empty and start again!

The compliment jar is also easy to make, you simply create a jar and die-cut stars using the Stars #2 die. Once you have the shapes you can use either magnets or velcro to adhere them to your board. Alternatively, you could use the Pet Shop Flashcard die and create mini-jars for classroom table incentives!

reward systemsSources: Hanging with Mrs Hulsey, Kindergarten Smiles and Pinterest.

4. Scratch Reward Cards

This is yet another fun way to reward your students, use these DIY scratch cards as a reward for positive behavior. The idea being students receive a scratch card for good behavior, the scratch cards each contain a hidden reward! Students will be motivated by the possibility of earning a scratch card, whilst also being intrigued to find out what the prizes are!

The best part is they are easy to make! You simply use the Circle, Rectangle, Square & Triangle die set to create your scratch cards using your chosen shape, either print or write your rewards on to the cards, laminate your cards and finally, use 1 part Dawn dish soap and 2 parts paint to cover the rewards. Once dry they are ready to scratch!

reward systemsSources: Hanging with Mrs Hulsey, Etsy, Etsy and 11 Street.

Do you use any reward systems? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to stop by our Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram pages to keep up with the Ellison team!

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