4 Pi Day Activities That You'll Love!

4 Pi Day Activities That You'll Love!

Happy Pi Day!

How exciting is Pi Day? There are so many fun Math based activities that can be done in the classroom. With Pi day in our heads we decided to curate this list of super fun Math projects to do all day!

Pi: The Number, The Legend.

Here's a quick synopsis of Pi:  It has been known for about 4000 years (how crazy is that?) When measuring all around a circle, it turns out that the number is always a little bit more than 3 times it's width all around, which is where we get the number 3.14 from.

Project 1: 3-D Cube Rotating Puzzle

3-D puzzles were my favorite as a kid. I loved how fun they were to play with and how they always literally puzzled me. I couldn't understand how it would rotate and rotate without stopping. This video project really takes me back as Sandi explains the many different applications and  projects you can achieve with this one simple die.

Project 2: Fractions Aren't Half Bad!

Fractions were not my strong suit as a child, but had I had a visual project like this, I think I wouldn't have had such a problem. This video project is easy to make and can be used in multiple ways. Sandi shows how to use our Fraction Fringe Die Set for fractions, genealogy and in a few other surprising ways.

Project 3: Easy To Customize Math Center

4 Pi Day Activities That You'll Love!

I don't know what it is about little shopping bags that are so cute, but I would find a way to use this die all the time in my classroom. Luckily, this is a very versatile die; when numbers are added onto the bags they become a little game. Students can drop the corresponding number of objects in these little bags or they can be used to play a matching game. Whichever way you use it, there is no denying that this die has quite the versatility. Check out the full tutorial here.

Project 4: Circle Shapes

I saved the best for last! This video is one of my favorites because with one simple circle die you can create a myriad of shapes. Take a look as Sandi explains the many different shapes you can create with this simple die.

What do you have prepared for Pi day? What activities do you like to do on Pi day?

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