Tomorrow is a very important day for the literary world, National Grammar Day! As we love all things education, we decided to pull together 5 of the most common grammar mistakes we all are guilty of making at some point!

5 Common Grammar Mistakes

  1. Your vs. You're

The difference between the possessive, "your", and the contraction, "you're", when used incorrectly can completely change the meaning of your sentence.

Your dog is very well behaved.

You're extremely tall.


  1. There vs. They're vs. Their

Very similarly, these three words also cause some difficulties as they are spoken the same, however have very different uses. "There" refers to a place, "they're" is a contraction of "they are" and "their" refers to something owned by someone else or a group of people.

There you are.

They're being very silly.

Their words are very meaningful.


  1. Its vs. It's

Another confusion between possessive and contraction lies within the usage of "its" and "it's". Its is possessive, whereas "it's" is a contraction of "it is".

Finally, the dog had its own kennel.

It's wet outside.


  1. Possessive Nouns

The easiest way to identify a possessive noun is whether it has an apostrophe. However, the usage of apostrophes can also be mistakenly used. If the noun is plural or singular and ends in an "s", an apostrophe should be added after the "s". However, if the noun is singular and doesn't end in an "s", then an apostrophe should be added before the "s".

The Jones' family get together is on Friday.

Grace's new friend had amazing style.


  1. Effect vs. Affect

A slightly more confusing error, which even the best writers often stumble over. "Effect" is used to talk about a noun changing, whereas "affect" is used as a verb, as the act of changing.

Your words had a great effect on me.

Your words deeply affected me.


5 Common Grammar Mistakes