5-Minute Fitness Fun in the Classroom

With an increasingly busy curriculum, teachers are often faced with the challenge to find time to fit fitness into their schedules. However, a variety of fitness activities can be adapted for a classroom environment! Just 5 minutes of fitness fun a day is all that is needed to benefit students physically, emotionally and academically. Exercise can improve memory and overall classroom behavior. Exercising helps students improve their attention span which in turn improves their levels of concentration and reduces disruption. Classroom fitness activities are great for schools which may have limited space, they also require minimal equipment.

Keep reading for our super fun classroom fitness activity ideas!

Play the deck

Create your own deck of fitness cards and play the deck! Each card contains a different movement from 5 jumps to jumping jacks for 20 seconds. Students take it in turns to pull a card from the deck, the class then have to perform that movement. But, by adding some ‘trick’ cards you can make this activity extra fun! For example, freeze for 30 seconds or, the student gets to choose a movement of their choice.

The Sizzix® Bigz™ – Square, Scallop die could be used to make the perfect deck!

classroom fitness funSources: Spiral Garden, Pinning with Purpose, Tricorn Games and ETFO Voice.

Fitness Spin board

Use a spin board to encourage fitness in your classroom. Simply create a spin board using the Ellison® SureCut – Circle – XL die and an arrow made from cardstock. Attach with a brad (butterfly fastener) to allow your arrow to spin. Simply, get the students in your class to spin and see what the arrow lands on! Fill your spin board with fun activities such as backwards jumps and skipping.

fitness fun in the classroomSources: One Goal, Playdough to Plato, Tip Junkie and Fit 4 Kids.

Balloon Juggling

This activity requires balloons and challenges your students to keep their balloons in the air for as long as possible. Once they have mastered the balance of the balloon instruct the students to perform physical tasks such as balance on one leg or hop. This activity will help improve coordination whilst having fun!

classroom fitness funSources: Learn with Play at Home, Active Mom's Network, All Parenting and PYP in Paradise.

How do you incorporate fitness into your lessons? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to stop by our Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram pages to keep up with the Ellison team!

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