At the end of the school year, teachers can sometimes feel exhausted. But, now is the perfect time to remember why you entered a career in education. There are so many reasons to love teaching and we have pulled together the top 5 reasons!

1. The ability to make a difference

One of the most common reasons that people decide to educate is the ability to make a difference. Teaching has a purpose, teachers can have a positive impact on society by inspiring students to have a bright future!

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2. You can express creativity

Teachers have the freedom to create lesson plans and be highly innovative with how they teach. Educating provides an opportunity to really embrace your inner creative and develop engaging materials and approaches to topics.

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3. The opportunity to inspire

Educators play a crucial role in helping students to build their confidence and ability to learn, regardless of their abilities. The students of today are the innovators of the future, that's why it's important to inspire children to reach their full potential. The impact teachers have on student's lives stay with them through school and beyond!

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4. Continuous learning

Throughout a career in education, teachers are required to undertake professional development courses. This means they are constantly growing and gaining new knowledge by keeping up-to-date with new research and trends.

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5. Each day is different

Teaching is a job that contains a lot of variety, no two days are the same! There are new topics to be taught and new challenges to overcome. With teaching new students each year, there is never a dull moment!

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