5 Reasons We Love Our Brand New Tool Caddy

5 Reasons We Love Our Brand New Tool Caddy

Are you ready for a classroom game changer? We created the Ellison Tool Caddy with busy teachers in mind and we absolutely love all the great possibilities the new Caddy has opened up. Are you ready to tap into this hack? Take a look at the 5 benefits we love about the tool caddy.

1- Best Teacher Helper Ever

We love how the Ellison Tool Caddy is all about helping you create with your students the easiest way possible! When you attach your tool caddy to the Super Star machine you will not only love that all your supplies can go everywhere you and your students go, but that it's so amazingly lightweight! This little caddy also transforms into a substitute's dream by making it easy to find the basic supplies the kids need like scissors and pencils without having to hunt through all the cupboards.

2- Compartments Galore

No more running around gathering all your supplies. Throw all your necessities in this space-saving caddy and you'll always be ready to go. This caddy has small and larger compartments that are perfect for pencils, markers, glue sticks and scissors. It has a tape dispenser that is adjustable to fit most tapes (including washi tape) and the best part- a place for your cutting pads, paper and notebooks!

3-Makes Prep Work A  Breeze

5 Reasons We Love Our Brand New Tool Caddy

You can use this tool caddy along with the SuperStar Machine by clipping it onto the side with no handle, but also by itself. Due to it's lightweight nature, the tool caddy is great for keeping your teaching and crafting tools organized as you move from class to class or from activity to activity.

4- Time Saver5 Reasons We Love Our Brand New Tool Caddy

The tool caddy will quickly become your new go-to favorite accessory.This time-saving caddy will allow you to prep faster and give you more freedom to spend time with your students learning, guiding  and having fun!

5- Organization Level: 100

You will be surprised at how easy the caddy makes organization. Keep your classrooms necessities accessible and ready to go with the caddy's many compartments. With everything at your student's fingertips, you can make working with students a breeze!

See The Tool Caddy In Action Below:

What would you put in your Ellison Tool Caddy?

5 Reasons We Love Our Brand New Tool Caddy


Are you ready to enter for your chance to win your very own Caddy?

The Rules:

You have 2 chances to win when you enter on both our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Giveaway will run from Friday 7/1/16 to Monday 7/4/16. 

Winners will be picked on Tuesday 7/5/16.


To enter for your chance to win on our Facebook page:

  1. Go to our Lesson Planning Calendar
  2. Choose a lesson you like
  3. Go to our Facebook Page Giveaway Post
  4. Answer the following questions: What is the name of your lesson plan and why do you like it?


To enter for a second chance to win on our Instagram:

  1. Go to our Instagram Giveaway Post
  2. In the comments, answer the following question: What's your favorite project to create with our dies?

There you have it! Good luck!

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