5 Spring Lesson Plans We Love

5 Spring Lesson Plans We Love

Spring has arrived! The birds are singing, the trees are turning green and we can't wait for Spring-learning! We were looking through all of our cool and refreshing Spring projects and we wanted to share our favorites with you!

1. Eggs-traordinary Easter Greetings

How cute is this paint chip Easter banner? Easy to make, this banner can be done with almost any materials you have lying around. Watch Sandi go step by step in this video as she makes one.

Why We Love it

This easy and colorful tutorial has several applications from math to English grammar. The bonus is that this festive banner can also be done three different ways with a variety of cool tools.

2. Grow. Grow, Grow Bulletin Board

A growing bulletin board? Oh yes! Scattered with book covers and little seeds, this bulletin board is not only exciting to make, but rewarding to see grow! The best part is that it's dirt free!

Why We Love it

This is a fun activity to engage kids. For teachers, this is a great learning activity that is very easy to make while emphasizing the fact that books help you grow.

3. Flowers

Flowers are a staple for Spring! In this video tutorial, you get to learn about our XL flower dies and the applications for students.

Why We Love it

Spring time and flower go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly! We love how Sandi shows the applications for these flower dies. Being a big flower die, they are perfect for projects on the bulletin board or for students to play with in order to make a picture.

4. Butterfly Mobile

Get ready for this flutter of learning with this exciting tutorial! The main focus is the butterflies in the curriculum, but Sandi shows us how to also use the spiral die to make all kinds of mobiles depending on what your lesson plan is focusing on.

Why We Love It

This versatile spiral die is incredibly useful when studying topics like metamorphosis and the solar system. Sandi even shows us how to customize the spiral die to celebrate your student's birthday! How cool would it be to get a 3-D birthday card? Check out the endless applications in the video!

5. 3-D Cubes That Grew Some

Typically cubes are used for making 3-D sculptures, but in this video, Sandi shows us how to grow seeds in a cube. The best part about growing these seeds is that there is no dirt required!

Why We Love It

It's great to see the applications of a cube die, far beyond the possibilities of just building blocks. Sandi shows us how we can translate this application into place setting or into cute decor for students to have fun with.

Spring is such an exciting season! How do you celebrate spring with your students? Let us know in the comments below. We can't wait to see all your Spring projects! Be sure to hashtag #ellisonedu on your posts if you share to Facebook and or Instagram! If you aren't already, make sure that you're following us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for behind the scenes, tips, tricks, tutorials, and so much more!

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