5 Teachers Memes That Say Goodbye To September

It's almost the end of September, teachers! Starting the school year and preparing lesson plans seems like a thing of the past now that October is fast approaching. For all of you teachers out there that are still feeling the transition from summer to back-to-school, we have some memes that will get you laughing as you look back on the month. Hopefully, these will get you through the rest of the year too!

1. Leslie Knope understands you.

2. Are you guilty of this?

3. That feel when a meeting could've been an email.

4. Warning: This meme may be triggering to some educators.

5. The best choices are not always made.

6. But you would all go through it again, because that is what it means to be a teacher! (I mean, look at these faces!)

Goodbye September - it was fun while it lasted. Good luck in the classroom for the rest of the month and don't forget to follow our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) for more updates, inspirations, and laughs!

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