6 Fall Academic Activities To Do In School

Only t-minus 2 more days until fall! With the new school year and the season changing, this is a prime opportunity to explore the wonders of autumn with your students. From science to literature, there are many fall-themed activities that you can turn into educational enrichment. Read more to find out what easy and fun activities you can get started on today!

1. Pumpkin Patch Letter Matching by Mom Inspired Life

No one can resist the pumpkin spice craze whenever autumn rolls around, so why not use pumpkins to spice up your lessons too! Have your students match lowercase letters to uppercase ones for an easy lesson on the alphabet. You can use these Tiny Pumpkin dies for the activity.

2. Letter Sorting Tree by No Time For Flashcards

An alphabet-for-starters activity, this is perfect for any preschool or kindergartners! Remind your students that the uppercase letters stay up and the lowercase letters stay low for easy alphabet identification. You can use our handy-dandy Leaf dies (1, 2, 3, 4) for this fun project.

3. Letter Matching Apple Tree by Mom Inspired Life

Mom Inspired Life is back with another alphabet identification activity! Match the apples to the correct letter on the apple tree to complete the project. Create a pocket sized version of this activity using this Tree die.

4. Fall Sink or Float Science Experiment by B-Inspired Mama

Introduce your little ones to the basics of science with this fall-themed "Float or Sink" science experiment! Gather autumn-related items and have students place them in a bucket of water to see if they sink or float.

5. Apple Race Experiment by Little Bins for Little Hands

Teach your students about gravity and physics with this fun apple race experiment! Have students race against each other by running them down a plastic rain gutter outside out the classroom. Even make it into a class competition to see which apple was the fastest and why! Enjoy some fresh air and get in some science lessons while you're at it with this activity.

6. Apple 5 Senses Experiment by Little Bins for Little Hands

This 5 Senses experiment using apples is a combination of nutrition and biology lessons rolled up into one. Have students taste, feel, and smell apples to learn more about the body's 5 Senses. This healthy snack will keep their spirits up throughout the day as well!

These were 6 different academic activities to do with your students in the fall. Share with us your own fall ideas and projects by connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest! Happy Fall, educators!

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