7 Activities That Make Learning Fractions Easy

The concept of learning fractions can be hard, especially if it's new. The thought of smaller numbers that mean a bigger value? It's sometimes like turning a student's perception of math upside down. All is not lost though, because while teaching fractions may be a bit difficult, we have some activities that might make this lesson plan go a bit easier. From interactive games like Legos to the more traditional fraction dominoes, check out our list of 7 activities that make learning fractions easy!

1. Whip out the legos for this Lego Fraction Games for Kids by JDaniel4's Mom!

Every young student can't keep their hands off of Legos, so why not incorporate them into a math lesson any way that you can?

2. These Fraction Triangles will make a fun activity for your students

Play a fun game by having your students compete to see who can spot each fraction the quickest!

3. Hang this Equivalent Fractions Poster in your classroom for easy reference during lessons

Of course, remember to cover this handy dandy poster during tests.

4. Have it Any Way You Slice It with these fraction cards

Have it your way with these fraction cards! Burger not included.

5. Fraction learning never fails with some Fraction Dominoes!

A classic way to learn fractions never goes wrong.

6. Use these Fraction Strips for quick and effective visualization

A nice guide for students to have around in their desk for reference, this will make a great study guide!

7. ThisFraction Wheel and Fraction Fringe can teach volume, fractions, and more!

This versatile fraction fringe can teach anything from fractions to volume to even crafting a nice family tree.

We collect the ideas and you see them brilliantly through. We guess you can say we split the work by 1/2? Let us know how these activities go by reaching out to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest! Good luck, educators!

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