9 Edu-taining Themes For Your Classroom!

9 Edu-taining Themes For Your Classroom!

Have you started decorating for the new school year yet? We're so excited! If you're like us and like to change it up every year, we have some major inspiration just for you! We've put together a few fun themes you can try in your classroom this year. Get ready to rummage through your resource room, because chances are your school may already have some of these dies!

1. RobotsCactus Classroom Theme (2)

Who would've thought that you can create an entire classroom theme out of our 3 dies and some paper? Trust us when we say that the number of things you can accomplish with these dies will blow you away! Our 3-D Robot die is perfect for creating with your students. This fun manipulative can be used as a great ice breaker for the first day of school. Students can work in teams or alone, and once they're done decorating and creating their robots, they can be displayed! Our licensed designer, Laura Kelly, has a Robot Mask die that goes perfectly with this activity and can be a great thing to wear for those fun 1st Day Of School pictures. Our last Robot die is perfect for creating banners and has a great big space in the middle that can be used in accordance with your seating chart to mark the desk your students sit in.

2. Tropical Jungle Copy of Cactus Classroom Theme (1)

Open the door to a tropical jungle safari for your class! There is no shortage of great bulletin board ideas using our Tiger Mascot #3Elephant, Snake, and Hut and Palm Tree dies. This lesson plan, using our Jungle Leaves XL die, is one of our favorites, but they are all perfectly sized to decorate your classroom and use as labels. Do you have a seating chart this year? Cut out a few Jungle Leaves and you're ready to create a personal name tag for each student's desk. It may not be April the giraffe, but you can use our adorable Giraffe Chart to help your students measure just about anything and add a touch of decor to any empty spots around your room.

3. SuperheroCopy of Copy of Cactus Classroom Theme

This year is a great year for superheroes, especially since there will so many new movies coming out this year about them! This theme offers a great chance to engage your students with something they're already excited about. Using our 4 Superhero dies, you can have your students create a hero they look at up to or identify with. This is a great activity to bring out their creative and storytelling abilities in class. They can give their heroes accessories with our Shields and Lighting Stars die and create awesome Superhero Masks for themselves (or for class pictures.) Once done, their projects can be used as classroom decor that can later be showcased at back to school night. Tie your theme together by offering your class Superhero Bookmarks as a reward or as an encouragement to read.

4. FlowersCopy of Copy of Copy of Cactus Classroom Theme

Create a blossoming classroom with this flower themed decor. Using our Flowers, Leaves and Stem die we created this Here We Grow bulletin board perfect for showcasing student pictures. Take our Flower #6 or our Flowers die set and add our Bare Tree and Leaves dies to get some inspirational door decor. Sprinkle in a few Flower Pots and some Birch Leaves and you've got yourself a classroom that is ready to grow!

5. SpaceCopy of Copy of Copy of Cactus Classroom Theme (1)

Share the excitement of space with your class this year! Use our Space die set, Moon & Stars, and Star Box die to create fun hanging decorations. Our Puffy Star die is perfect for writing the names of all the stellar kids in your class and placing them on a bulletin board along with our Stars Border. If you're thinking of sweet projects to share on back to school night with parents we've got a few ideas: add a picture of your students to the middle of our Star Word die for a personal touch or have your students decorate and build their own 3-D Rocket.

6. Ocean

9 Edu-taining Themes For Your Classroom!

Anchors (and Anchor die) away! Dive into this new year with a fun ocean theme! Laura Kelly's Sea Life dies are not only super cute- they're bound to make a splash in the classroom, especially when you combine them with our Whale Tail and Waves die. Our Tiny Fish, Dolphin #2, Whale #3 and Sailboat #2 dies all make excellent under the sea hanging decor that is sure to submerge your class in wonder and excitement.

7. HollywoodCopy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Cactus Classroom Theme

Make your kiddos shine with this Hollywood inspired theme. Create these cute Photo Props to take the best (and silliest) pictures to fill the Star Frame with. Make a star-studded bulletin board with our Lollipop Shadow Alphabet, Film Strip Border, and Stars 2 dies. And don't forget to shine a little spotlight on good work with our Spotlight #2 and Photo Camera dies to really complete the look.

8. AdventureCopy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Cactus Classroom Theme

Oh, the places your students will go! Inspire and remind them that anything is possible with this sweet Reach For The Clouds Banner using our Hot Air Balloon die and any alphabet dies like our All Star Capital Letters. Challenge your students with a writing assignment that helps them discover more about the world using our Big Ben #2, Leaning Tower Of Pisa, USA and Globe dies and you've got the recipe for the start of an awesome school year!

9. CampingBees

Gather your students around the faux-campfire with this fun theme! Have you ever decorated your floor? Create a fun scavenger hunt activity by adding some wildlife tracks to your classroom floor with our Animal Footprints die set. At the end, your students can all make a Laura Kelly Forrest Mask or get a super special bookmark as a reward. But no camping themed classroom is complete without a special bulletin board! We suggest our Ivy Border, Leaf Combo, Polar Bear, Christmas Tree and Travel Cup Mug and Glass dies to give it that woodsy look. Throw in a 3-D Lantern here and a Tent there, and voila, you've got yourself a little bit of camping paradise right in class.

Which theme are you excited to try this year? Let us know in the comments below, we can't wait to read all about it! If you're going to be on social media and making all kinds of things like we are, be sure to hashtag your posts with #ellisonedu on Facebook and/or Instagram! If you aren't already, make sure that you're following us on FacebookInstagramPinterest and Twitter for behind the scenes, tips, tricks, tutorials, and so much more!

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