Valentine's Day is soon approaching, it is one of the most exciting holidays for students as it's full of craft and candy. We have listed our favorite activities to help you celebrate Valentine's Day in the classroom.

Keep reading to discover the activities!

Notes of kindness

Valentine's Day is all about being kind to one another. So, why not promote kindness in your classroom? Put all your students' names in a jar and have each person pick one. Each student must write a few words of kindness to their peer. The notes could then be displayed in the classroom.

Seek the Heart

Die-cut a number of hearts which contain a letter or a number, ensuring there are pairs. Give each student a heart and ask them to walk around the room and find their matching partner.

The Ellison® SureCut™ - Heart #2 is perfect for this game!

I love that…

Have your students use their creativity and decorate a heart. One decorated ask them to write what they love, starting with "I love that…" These hearts can then be used to create a super cute classroom display!

We have a range of hearts that would be perfect for this activity!

Friendship bracelets

Gather some colorful string and have your students create friendship bracelets for one another! Your students will be sure to love creating an extra special memoir for their friends.

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