An Easter Classroom Party: From Start To Finish

The Easter Bunny is just around the corner! Soon will be the time of dyeing Easter eggs, scavenger hunts, and chocolate bunnies once the spring season starts to sweep in. With Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's, and now Easter on the calendar, it's hard keeping up with festivities when you have a whole year's worth of material to get through. But don't get your hot cross buns into a knot yet! Here we have the complete guide to your Ultimate Easter Classroom party that's filled with a variety of snacks, games, and decorations that your students will love (and maybe you will too!).

Step 1: Snacks & Food

Chocolate is basically an essential when it comes to Easter, but a classroom of students on a sugar-high doesn't necessarily make for the most productive day. So here are some healthy alternatives to our favorite Easter snacks.

Bunny Trail Mix

via simplykierste

A tasty and sweet snack that doesn't involve candy bars or chocolate eggs, this trail mix is the perfect balance between sweet and healthy. Have your students munch as they do their Easter crafts.

Easter Chicks Pineapple Cup


Ridiculously easy and even more outrageously adorable, make these little chick-themed pineapple fruit cups! All you need is a black and orange marker to make all the difference. Your class will appreciate the effort to make things festive!

Easter Peep Fruit Kabobs

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Give your students a sweet surprise with these Bunny Peeps Fruit Kabobs! Quick to make with little to no prep, these kabobs might become a classroom tradition.

Step 2: Let's get crafty!

Introduce simple and fun crafts that students could do as they snack and chat! Here are some super cute Easter-related papercrafts that involve little mess, little stress, but all the fun.

Simple & Cute Easter Egg Wreath

via theresourcefulmama

Get your colored paper ready, because this craft may require a lot of it. With just a few items, your students can create their own Easter Egg wreath that's pretty enough to hang anywhere. Make this season a little easier by checking out our Easter Egg die that's perfect for this craft.

Easy Assemble Carrot Basket

A perfect basket to hold all of those Easter Eggs or chocolate candies, our Carrot Basket die is easily assembled and perfect for this holiday. No glue necessary!

Peek-a-boo Clothespin Egg

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Cute and interactive, surprise your class with these Peek-a-boo Clothespin Eggs! From bunnies to chicks, let your students imagination spring forward.

Step 3: Let the hunt begin!

The crafting is done, the snacks are gone, now all that's left is to play a fun active game that will lit everyone's spirits even more. Here are some classic, yet easy-to-organize activities that you can play with your students.

Classroom Easter Egg Hunt

via notsowimpyteacher

No Easter is complete without an Easter Egg hunt! Make this fun activity into an educational one by filling them up with problems instead of candy! Turn this into a friendly competition and watch the fun unfold.

ABC Easter Egg Alphabet Hunt for Kids

via alittlepinchofperfect

Your classroom not ready for problem-solving? Turn down the difficulty of a Classroom Easter Egg Hunt by hiding the ABC's for a Mix and Match activity!

The Classic Easter Egg Race

A classic game that is worth the mess! Step your kids outside as they race each other in an Egg Race. Bonus if those eggs are decorated and painted. (Replace them with water balloons for less clean-up!)

And that's that! The perfect Easter Classroom party from start to finish. Let us know if there's anything that caught your eye in the comments down below or contact us through our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest).

Have a fantastic week, educators!

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