Since most students are still home schooling and might be for the foreseeable future we have shown you how to make a super simple but useful class timetable to help you and your child to schedule your at home school time. We know that at home schooling is not an easy task for parents and teachers by any means and just how difficult it sometimes is to get children to focus at home so having a timetable to follow and guide their learning time will help to keep a little bit of structure to their weekdays and hopefully make your days a little bit easier too.

You will Need:


  1. Using your Big Shot machine and the fourth smallest square from the Square Framelits set, die-cut 10 squares from a selection of cardstock colors of your choice. When choosing the colors try to link each color to a particular school subject as this will determine how many you need of each color.

2. Using your Big Shot machine and the same Dramelit die, die-cut six squares from a cardstock color of your choice. Make sure these squares are all the same color and that they are not the same color as any squares cut in step 1.

3. Fold each of the new six squares in half and cut along the fold using your scissors so you have twelve rectangles.

4. Arrange the squares and rectangles onto an A3 sized white board using the image below as a refrence and adhere to the board using glue. When arranging your colored squares take into consideration which school subject is linked to each color and when you want carry out each lesson with regards to days of the week and morning or afternoon.

5. Die-cut the word ‘Timetable’ from a cardstock color of your choice using the chunky alphabet die and your big shot machine.

6. Arrange and adhere the letters to the top of your board using glue.

7. Once all of the die-cuts are secure to the A3 white board you can now use the sizzix permanent markers to label each square and rectangle. The rectangles are for you to label the days of the week, lunch times and morning/afternoon slots. The colored squares are for you to label the school subjects.

Remember you can completely customize your timetable with your own colors, times and school subjects depending on your child and your at home schooling situation.

Lastly, to all the parents and teachers out there who are doing their very best to keep kids educated and entertained during this difficult time, just know that you are doing an amazing job!