Beginning Sound Match-Up!

November 13a My young readers have been exploring sounds with this hands-on literacy center!

This activity includes naming each shape and listening to the beginning sound (phonemic awareness) and then matching the beginning letter (phonics)! It will also be easy to differentiate as my students grow…they may match medial or final sounds, or even spell the CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) word.

November 13b

This learning center was so fun and easy to assemble that I was able to create a set for each of my students! Here’s what you’ll need for your learners:

Ellison SuperStar Machine
Alphabet Letter Dies
Animal dies, such as:
Chinese New Year Animals #3
Cat, Dog, Pig, Rabbit
Calendar, Fall
Plastic Bags (optional)


Step One: I cut the cardstock into quarter-size rectangles. This step is optional, but it helps me create multiple sets by layering the paper.

Step Two: I used my Ellison Superstar Machine and the alphabet dies to create a set of beginning sounds.

Step Three: I chose the following pictures to use for the beginning sound center: cat, dog, horse, leaf, monkey, pig, rabbit, turkey

Step Four: I placed 8 letters (C, D, H, L, M, P, R, T) and corresponding shapes into a plastic bag for each student to use at the literacy center.

We had so much learning with these shapes! My next step is to create more centers for my students to tackle those crucial skills…word building, syllables, rhyming, and more!

Thanks for reading!

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