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  • Introducing New Ellison Colored Cutting Pads

    Introducing New Ellison Colored Cutting Pads

    It all started with an obsession...

    Here at Ellison, we have a huge obsession with our cutting pads. There is nothing like that new cutting pad smell. At our corporate offices we love opening up a new package of cutting pads- pristine and unused- ready for die cutting.

    The Problem

    What we don't like is when cutting pads are accidentally thrown out because they blend in with papers.

    When working ...

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  • 5 Reasons We Love Our Brand New Tool Caddy

    5 Reasons We Love Our Brand New Tool Caddy

    Are you ready for a classroom game changer? We created the Ellison Tool Caddy with busy teachers in mind and we absolutely love all the great possibilities the new Caddy has opened up. Are you ready to tap into this hack? Take a look at the 5 benefits we love about the tool caddy.

    1- Best Teacher Helper Ever

    We love how the Ellison Tool Caddy is all about helping you create with your students the easiest way possible! When you attach your tool caddy to the Super Star machine you will not only love that all your supplies can go everywhere you and your students go, but that it's so amazingly lightweight! This little caddy also transforms into a substitute's dream by making it easy to find the basic supplies the kids need like scissors and pencils without having to hunt through all the cupboards.

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