• Say Goodbye To Your Favorite Teachers With These 5 Gift Ideas

    Say Goodbye To Your Favorite Teachers With These 5 Gift Ideas

    It feels like we blinked and the school year suddenly ended! Remember Back to School night and parent-teacher conferences? Teachers have worked so hard all year long to educate and inspire students! We're hoping that these five different gift ideas will put a smile on your face and that of an educator.  Take a look at these 5 projects that will help your student say goodbye to their teacher in a sweet way.

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  • 5 Mother's Day Projects That Are Sure to Wow

    5 Mother's Day Projects That Are Sure to Wow

    Mother's Day may be full of flowers, kid-made breakfast in bed and hugs, but it would not be complete without a school made gift or card. We can't wait to share with you 5 projects that we think are worthy to be pinned on the all mighty fridge!

    1. Mother's Day Scalloped Card

    5 Mother's Day Projects That Are Sure to Wow

    A picture, paper, and a few die cut shapes are all it takes to create this sweet  Mother's Day card. Let your student's...

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  • 6 Projects That Strengthen Reading Skills For Ages 2 To 6

    6 Projects That Strengthen Reading Skills, Pre K - K, Ages 2-6 (2)

    Have you ever noticed a child trying to crawl?  It's very obvious they are trying and as they practice more and more they eventually do crawl. Children exhibit the same behavior with reading. Often children ages 2-6 will show an interest in wanting to read and that will usually show up as an interest in books. They understand the concept of sounding out words and putting them together is what it means to be able to read, they recognize letters and call them by name, and they understand the "sound" words make - the phonics. Once your kiddos are ready to read, use the following 6 projects to help them strengthen these skills.

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  • 5 Spring Lesson Plans We Love

    5 Spring Lesson Plans We Love

    Spring has arrived! The birds are singing, the trees are turning green and we can't wait for Spring-learning! We were looking through all of our cool and refreshing Spring projects and we wanted to share our favorites with you!

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  • Introducing New Ellison Colored Cutting Pads

    Introducing New Ellison Colored Cutting Pads

    It all started with an obsession...

    Here at Ellison, we have a huge obsession with our cutting pads. There is nothing like that new cutting pad smell. At our corporate offices we love opening up a new package of cutting pads- pristine and unused- ready for die cutting.

    The Problem

    What we don't like is when cutting pads are accidentally thrown out because they blend in with papers.

    When working ...

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  • Celebrate Garden Week With These 5 Garden-Inspired Projects!

    Happy Garden Week!

    This week we have 5 really fun projects that will make your students want to celebrate Garden Week all year.


     Pop-up Sponges

    Just add water is correct! With sponge sheets you can make some really fun sponge shapes. As Sandi explains, it is incredibly easy and fun! Once you are done cutting your shape, just add water and watch your students gasp an...

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  • Get Organized This Week With Triangle Bowls


    Happy Organization Week!

    If you are cleaning your classroom this week, you know that it can take a toll and can sometimes be pricey!

    These fun geometric bowls will not only organize your desk, but can also be used to keep your student's desk neat and tidy. It would be fun to help teach students good organization skills by making this a class project they can work on and then use to organize th...

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  • St. Patrick's Day 5 Projects To Do With Kids

    St. Patrick's Day With Kids

    St. Patrick's Day is upon us once again and we have got some amazing green-tastic projects to engage your students with today! These kid-friendly activities are full of learning and the color green (of course!)

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  • 4 Pi Day Activities That You'll Love!

    4 Pi Day Activities That You'll Love!

    Happy Pi Day!

    How exciting is Pi Day? There are so many fun Math based activities that can be done in the classroom. With Pi day in our heads we decided to curate this list of super fun Math projects to do all day!

    Pi: The Number, The Legend.

    Here's a quick synopsis of Pi:  It has been known for about 4000 years (how crazy is that?) When measuring all around a circle, it turns out that the num...

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  • 5 Projects To Get You Ready For Easter

    5 Projects To Get You Ready For Easter

    Easter is making it's way to us here at Ellison Education and we couldn't be more excited! We have 5 amazing projects to share with you to make your Easter classroom pop with fun and education.

    1. Count Down The Days Easter Box Calendar

    5 Projects To Get You Ready For Easter

    Who says advent calendars have to be limited to just Christmas time? Help your students learn about numbers with this countdown calendar made from our cube die...

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