Earth Day is April 22nd and it presents a fantastic opportunity to help students learn about saving our beautiful planet. This make is super easy and really fun for kids! The bag comes with a fun checklist to help students become more aware of litter and recycling, and to appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

earth day

Let's get started!

Supplies needed:


  1. Die-cut the Maple Leaf three times out of craft foam. It's a really beautiful shape and works so well as a stamp.
  2. Next, glue the leaves on top of each other to form a stamp and stick them onto a piece of mountboard. It's a good idea to trim your mountboard so it's as small as possible. This will stop stray marks from getting on to the paper when you stamp.
  3. Now comes the fun part! Have a selection of child-friendly paints and get the children to coat the stamp in a thick layer of paint using a sponge. Encourage them to mix the different shades of green. This is a great opportunity to teach the children about mixing colors. The children can then stamp onto the bag.
  4. Next, die-cut some leaves out of cardstock and encourage the children to ink the edges using child-friendly ink. A darker green ink will work well on lighter green cardstock.
  5. Now get the children to glue the inked leaves and the scavenger hunt checklist onto the bag (please find the checklist here). The stamps should be dry by now.
  6. As a final touch tie a crayon to the handle of the bags so the children are ready for their scavenger hunt. Enjoy!

earth day

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