Celebrate Garden Week With These 5 Garden-Inspired Projects!

Happy Garden Week!

This week we have 5 really fun projects that will make your students want to celebrate Garden Week all year.



 Pop-up Sponges

Just add water is correct! With sponge sheets you can make some really fun sponge shapes. As Sandi explains, it is incredibly easy and fun! Once you are done cutting your shape, just add water and watch your students gasp and awe as the sponge becomes spongy again! The fun doesn't stop there either, you can take your new sponge and make stamps or place seeds on it to make a fun plant! Take a look at the video for the full tutorial.


Felt Flower Bookmarks

These popsicle stick flowers are perfect garden week. This would be a great project to do as a class and could even turn into a beautiful bouquet. How much fun would it be to create these bookmarks and then read a garden-related book? Prep work is also a breeze: with our dies you can make perfect flower petals every time. Check out the full tutorial here.


Hearty Greetings

Who says hearts have to be used only on Valentine’s Day? Take your heart dies and create some sweet flower treats by joining a few hearts together. Check out the video to see all the fun stuff you can have your class make with hearts, who knew!

pop up card

 3-D Card

Make these flower cards with your students and watch as they seem to jump of the page when they open and close. This simple card project is great for any occasion! Imagine having your class make these cards for several occasion and collecting them at the end of the year. What a fun and colorful present for parents! Take a look at the full tutorial here, for more information.


Pop-up Writing Cards

These cards are the perfect project when teaching a garden or plant unit. Students can have fun making this card and then write a story about what they learned or some interesting facts they liked. Take a look at the full tutorial here.

What are your favorite projects to make for garden week?

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