It's not long until the holidays, so add some seasonal spark to your lessons! As your students get excited for Christmas, you could capture their attention with some fun classroom ideas. The time has never been more perfect to have some fun by introducing festive activities.

Christmas no-baking

Food is always fun and colorful, plus new skills can be learnt along the way. No-bake recipes are simple and require no baking, making them absolutely safe for children! One of our favorite recipes is Christmas Cornflake Wreaths! You simply mix cornflakes with white chocolate and green food coloring and form a wreath shape and leave to set. Then, add red candy to form the berries.

Holiday Pictionary

Use Christmas vocabulary to play Pictionary with your class! Put several holiday related words into a bag and divide your class into two teams. One at a time a team member chooses a word from the bag and the rest of the team has to guess the word based on their drawing. If the team guess correctly within 2 minutes they win a point, the team with the most points wins.

Festive story time

Stories are very popular around Christmas time, so why not have your students write their own stories? This is the perfect opportunity to practice creative writing and write an original story accompanied by illustrations. This is also a chance for students to share their stories!

Pin the nose on the reindeer

For this activity you will need a large image of a reindeer and a red nose made from cardstock with adhesive foam pads attached to the back. To play, one student at a time will be blind folded and attempt to pin the nose on the reindeer.

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