A classroom is a place where students interact and learn new skills. It is said that there is a direct relationship between the learning environment and student achievement. For an effective learning environment, there should be a positive atmosphere along with the requirements to make it a suitable place for learning.

There are many things to consider, but just a few simple changes can help you create that perfect environment. Here are some tips!

Make your room flexible

A flexible classroom allows you to make changes easily based on the learning requirements. Students will be able to engage in team activities and group discussions, whereby everyone can get involved.

Greet your students

Greet your students one-by-one as they enter through the classroom door, this ensures that each student has had at least 1 positive interaction that day. A greeting could be a handshake, a "hello" or even a high five! It boosts their readiness to learn, while also creating a sense of security.

Watch this video for more information.

Keep organized

Classrooms can easily become messy! Both the teacher and the students must feel comfortable in the classroom, by keeping organized you will ensure a positive atmosphere. Why not create storage labels? That way your students can be encouraged to keep tidy.

Our alphabet and number dies are perfect for DIY labels!

Wall displays

Present your students work by putting it on display, it will create a sense of ownership and they will love seeing their work! A good display engages and informs, while brightening the atmosphere of the classroom.

View our top tips for creating displays here.

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