Create Your Own Klondike Gold Rush Lesson Plan

Create Your Own Klondike Gold Rush Lesson Plan

The Klondike Gold Rush, regarded as one of the most profitable in American history, only lasted about 3 years. From 1896-1899 over 100,000 people rushed from Alaska to the Yukon Territories of Canada in search of gold. It was a very exciting time! These prospectors were full of determination, fortune and loss. By the time the news of gold had traveled to Alaska most of it had been spoken for. Still, people rushed to Canada to try and strike it rich.

For good reason, we love the Klondike Gold Rush. This is not just a great history lesson, but an amazing story of perseverance and adventure.

Using this Miner's Hat Lesson plan you can see how the Miner's Hat die is assembled and used for many different themed lessons. Add the Pick Axe, Rocks and Nuggets die to the mix and students can use these to recreate their version of the Klondike Gold Rush.

We would use these dies to accompany a Gold Rush history lesson, how about you? What is your favorite way to use these dies?

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