Handwriting is a tool which is used within many subjects both inside and outside of the classroom. It requires a lot of practice and practicing can build a child's confidence in their writing abilities, it can also strengthen both cognitive and motor skills. Technology has changed the way we communicate, the use of computers for writing has increased. However, handwriting remains an important element of education and life beyond school!

Practicing handwriting can sometimes be difficult for the students to grasp. But, it doesn't have to be boring! Keep reading for creative ways to practice handwriting.

Pen Pals

Assign each student within your class a 'pen pal' and have them start to write letters back and forth. This presents an opportunity to practice handwriting and reading! To add an extra element of fun, why not create a classroom mailbox? That way students can send and receive their own letters.

student pen palsSources: Today, Life of Dad and Simple K12.

Alphabet Kaboom

Have your students pick a popsicle stick from the bucket (each stick contains a letter). The student must then write a word beginning with that letter, if the student is correct they keep the stick. However, if they pick a 'kaboom' they must return all their sticks to the bucket. The student with the most sticks at the end wins.

Alphabet KaboomSources: Gift of Curiosity, Fun Learning for Kids, The Many Little Joys and Gift of Curiosity.

Simon Says

Assign one student with the role of 'Simon' and provide the rest of the class with small whiteboards and a pen. 'Simon' has a set of flashcards which contain a letter from the alphabet, once the flashcard has been chosen at random, the students must write that letter on their whiteboard. Alternatively, to make the activity more difficult students could write a word beginning with the chosen letter!

Simon SaysSources: School Start, Mr Printables and Garden Parkhill.

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